Shelly J Learning Support

Structure of Intellect Practitioner and Learning Support Teacher

All genuine learning is active, not passive. It involves the use of the mind, not just the memory. It is a process of discovery, in which the student is the main agent, not the teacher. -Mortimer Adler

Having worked in both international and local environments, I am driven by a desire to provide affordable but targeted reports that can help you or your child to flourish in school and in life. I am first and foremost a teacher and therefore structure my reports and support recommendations to provide practical, down to earth advice that can be easily implemented in the school and home environment.

SOI Assessments and Support Services Offered

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  • SOI Jr Educational Analysis (Gr1-3)

  • SOI Sr Educational Analysis (Gr4 and up)

  • SOI Sr Educational Analysis and FET Subject Selection Guidance

  • SOI Sr Educational Analysis and Career Analysis